On Episode 54 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the drop of the Majority and Minority reports, the “basis for going forward on impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee.”

Both hosts expect House Democrats to leak certain portions of the report to the media, as they have been doing throughout the whole impeachment process. 

To Bannon, Democrats are strategically “weaponizing certain [information].”

To Miller, the drop of this report will demonstrate how “this is entirely a made for TV production.”

Similar to the Russia investigation, “you’re going to see headlines bashing President Trump, but there won’t be anything new.”

Miller continues: “If Schiff is going to be releasing that to members today at 6pm, then I imagine Eric Swalwell will be in front of cameras at approximately 5:59 claiming to have read it and saying the sky is falling for President Trump.”