I think you’re going to see – I mean if we follow the usual formula – we’ll have a member walk out after each of the interviews today and selectively leak nuggets,” Jason Miller, former Senior Communications Advisor of the 2016 Trump campaign, predicted on Episode 11 of War Room: Impeachment.

The show’s host, Stephen K. Bannon, asked Miller: “In the next 24 hours, this historic vote will come up tomorrow to start the formally inquiry of [the] impeachment process of President Trump, what should people be looking for? What can happen today that can change the dynamic on that vote?”

In addition the selective leaks, Miller mentioned Democrats may also “say things like as we saw from the genius Ted Lieu last week where he came out and said ‘oh boy, today was terrible, horrible, no good, but I can’t tell you anything about it’ and continue walking down the hallway.”

Later in the afternoon, “we’re going to see the leak – a selective leak – and hear of things that may or may not have been said behind closed doors today,” Miller also predicted.

Finally the War Room: Impeachment co-host shared what he believes we will see in the hours ahead of the vote: “What I’m most interested in seeing is what is the leak that Speaker Pelosi and her team will put out late tonight or early tomorrow morning to try to make some of these Republicans – maybe there’s a chance they’re a little wobbly – or any of these Democrats – maybe there’s a chance they’re a little wobbly – to try and scare them straight to go in her direction.”

“They’ll drop something, they’re going to try to have something out there to try to push people in the Democrat’s position in advance of tomorrow’s vote.”