One Episode 42 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discussed Republicans coming forward and suggesting Democrats may not be able to get the votes in the House for impeachment.

“Some of the Republicans,” Bannon said, “a lot of people are talking about maybe it’s not an impeachment, maybe it doesn’t get there.”

Bannon later continued: “This is important because I think what the Democrats, what they raise, was not about impeachment, the process of the articles of impeachment in the house, but in the Senate. They didn’t have the votes, and understand they don’t have the votes. They have the votes to acquit, not the votes for guilty. They want to have an alternative to go to, a censure, besides a removal from office.”

“You’re saying in the Senate,” Kassam clarified.

“In the Senate,” Bannon confirmed. “Is that smart for McCarthy to do? Maybe he’s trying to put pressure on the thirty-one independent Democrats? You know what the game is, so tell me what he’s playing,” he said to Miller.

“Yes,” Miller said, “This is a genius move by McCarthy and Republican leadership in the House to put that pressure and say: ‘you know what, they’re really thinking about it, they can’t do this.’ Now here’s the thing, it has the benefit of actually being true… All these members are going to be doing polls as they’re back home over this next week or two. They’re going to be in real trouble.”

“[Democrats are] so all-in on this, they have to go to the impeachment vote. There’s just no chance they can do anything else,” Bannon said.

Miller continued to praise the Republican leadership’s messaging.

“It’s putting [Democrats] on such a back foot, though,” Kassam said. “Especially after the week that was supposed to blow everything up.”