On Episode 49 of War Room: Impeachment, Jason Miller invalidates the impeachment timeline pushed by Democrats and the media.

According to the Democrats:

On June 19th,Mark Sandy, the career OMB official, was told the president was asking questions about aid. Apparently he saw a Fox News report and wondered why other countries weren’t paying their fair share which we all agree with.”

On July 12th,Mark Sandy was told in an email about the order from the president to hold the aid. So this was basically a week before the aid was actually withheld and 2 weeks before the phone call with President Zelensky.”

On July 25th, the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky occurs.

It’s clear that on July 12th, an intent to withhold aid had already been expressed. However, “Democrats and the media are suggesting that after the phone call with the President Zelensky on July 25th, that was when aid was officially delayed.”

In actuality, “Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney gave that order over a whole week before the phone call.”

Another inconsistency relates to President Trump’s intention: “Mark Sandy testified the genesis of this was Trump seeing a media report in June about how other countries weren’t paying their fair share, so [Dems] can’t play this quid pro quo game while, at the same time, pushing that the whole reason for this was the president wanting to make others pay their fair share.

After all “Ukraine got their meeting, got their phone call, and received their aid all as part of this. Nothing was ultimately withheld.”