At the close of Episode 22 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam discussed the potential for some Democratic Senators to be more reliable ‘no’ votes on impeachment than certain Republican Senators.

Miller explained: “If we look at Alabama Democratic Senator Doug Jones or Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins. Who do we think is really the more reliable ‘no’ vote on impeachment? And even if you take it one step further, what about Utah Republican Mitt Romney or West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin? I think there is a very valid case here that the Democrats in both instances are more reliable ‘no’ votes.”

“I one hundred per cent agree,” Bannon said. “You’re saying that the constituency – and we’ve been saying this: the American people are the actual judges here. And it’s going to be how this plays out over the next twelve weeks with people in Alabama and people in West Virginia, states that President Trump carried overwhelmingly. In Utah also, but Mitt Romney…is playing Hamlet, he’s playing the conscience of the Senate. And I think your point is very well taken: these two Democratic Senators, because of the constituency, are going to be forced to really consider that.”

Miller notes how Doug Jones’s constituency is in Alabama: “Where was President Trump yesterday? Where was he getting an entire stadium full of people cheering for him? Alabama.”