On Episode 33 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discussed William Taylor’s and David Holmes’s contradicting testimonies about the overheard Sondland-Trump phone call.

Miller began: “David Holmes comes in and directly contradicts Taylor, saying: ‘No, no, no, no. We told him about this last August. So this entire thing, these inconsistencies, go to the fact of who’s telling the truth. Can you put any stock in an overheard conversation that is then second, third, fourth hand information?”

“No,” Bannon responded. “I think it sounds utterly absurd. But let’s talk about what Raheem [Kassam] broke actually shows major contradictions in his testimony and may call into question the entire testimony of the guy.”

“I think also,” Miller added, “the real issues here: did these two gentlemen, Holmes and Taylor, impeach each other? Could either one of them be up for perjury charges? Because there’s no way Holmes went in there, and he’s the one who was sitting next to Gordon Sondland and supposedly overheard bits and pieces of a conversation. But Taylor, when he testified last week, he couldn’t have been any more clear what happened. And this drove 24, 48 hours of news in the United States.”

Bannon furthered: “This is the big bombshell. At the time I was saying this is the big reveal they’ve got. But to know that there is some contradiction – and we always thought it was fishy from the beginning, how this thing took place – but to know there is some contradictions.”

“And this is why I go back to the fact that you need these killers on these committees. You need the Lee Zeldins, you need the Mark Meadows, you need people who can augment: the Jim Jordans… This needs a lot more further exploration.”