On Episode 20 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the political fate of the 31 freshman Democrats in districts won by President Trump.

Miller believes “the smartest thing the RNC could do right now is put $1 million into these freshman districts: Chris Pappas in New Jersey, Susie Lee in Nevada, Cindy Axne in Iowa and others we’ve been highlighting on our “make them famous” segment. Drop that in there, not just necessarily on the TV buy, but with the foot soldiers, door-to-door collateral, yard signs.

He emphasizes: “As long as they are able to hide behind Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, they’ll be in better shape heading into reelection.They have to feel political pressure and pain.”

Miller discusses how the Democratic representatives push for impeachment will play out in swing states: “Impeachment in swing states is much different than how it’s viewed in solid Democratic districts in California or New York. Voters in these swing districts are much more tentative. They want to see what the evidence is. They want to see things put forward. They’re uneasy about the let’s just get him [mentality]. That’s what elections are for.”

Bannon expands: “When people actually go to vote, they’re going to hold representatives accountable [for pursuing impeachment]. They have to understand this is their political death warrant. This is a vote they will always live with. This vote is everything for them.”

He continues: “We have to raise the level up, and it’s not there yet. It’s beginning to get there.“

Bannon believes Democrats are cognizant of the political ramifications of pursuing impeachment: “Nancy told them not to mention impeachment, [instead] Run on healthcare, national security, and the economy.”