On Episode 56 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam are joined by Congressman Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania to discuss the House Intelligence Committee’s minority report released Monday evening. 

“Are you happy with and proud of the minority report and what the Republicans have done as far as putting the case forward for the President?” Bannon asked the Congressman.

“I am,” Meuser responded. “I saw nothing wrong with it, I agreed with it… What they talked about was the process, the evidence, and the highly suspect nature and motivation of the players involved here.”

Bannon further inquired: “Do you think this tees up for the Senate trial? It almost supposes that they understand the Democrats are on a process, that they’re going to vote at some date certain, that they’re going to bring a couple articles of impeachment. Do you think this is a strategic document?”

“It is,” Meuser affirmed. “It’s emphasizing this is all about hearsay. It is talking about the antipathy for the President, which again is the motive. Primarily because they know they are very unlikely to win. I mean, look at their candidates for crying out loud.”