On Episode 39 of War Room Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discuss a new Marquette poll that represent how “polling seems to be shifting back to the president.”

The poll is focused on Wisconsin, “a state that nobody expected President Trump to win in 2016” according to Bannon. 

The poll demonstrates that “President Trump is leading the top 4 Democrats.” 

Bannon adds “that’s a first”.

The real “shockwave” in the poll?

To Miller, it’s that “only 40% support impeachment while 53% oppose impeachment in Wisconsin.” 

It represents that for the American people, impeachment is “too confusing, a waste of time, a waste of money, and they don’t see the knockout punch from the Democrats and are like if you haven’t gotten [Trump] now, what’s going on?”

Bannon believes this is particularly concerning for “those 31 freshman Democrats in those districts.”

Since the poll reflects pro-Trump and anti-impeachment trends, it’s received “crickets” from the media.