The fairweather pro-democracy mainstream media has been floating the idea of a secret ballot in the Senate as key to removing President Trump from office. 

Democracy could very well “die in darkness” if the hypocritical media has its way, working in tandem with a key “Republican” proponent of the Iraq War, and someone who was a senior advisor to the late Senator John McCain.

CNN’s recent op-ed, “The Case for Letting Senators Vote Secretly on Trump’s Fate”, explains the theory, premised upon the belief that a significant number of Republicans are eager to remove President Trump from office.

The idea was originally floated by Juleanna Glover – a pseudo-Republican and Never Trumper – in a November Politico article, “There’s a Surprisingly Plausible Path to Removing Trump From Office.”

In the op-ed, she asks, “But what if senators could vote on impeachment by secret ballot? If they didn’t have to face backlash from constituents or the media or the president himself, who knows how many Republican senators would vote to remove?”

She continues, alleging that a clandestine vote is the key to convicting President Trump:

“Trump and those around him seem confident that he won’t lose the 20 Republican senators needed to block a guilty verdict. But it’s not hard to imagine three senators supporting a secret ballot. Five sitting Republican senators have already announced their retirements; four of those are in their mid-70s or older and will never run for office again. They might well be willing to demand secrecy in order to give cover to their colleagues who would like to convict Trump but are afraid to do so because of politics in their home districts. There are also 10 Republican senators who aren’t up for reelection until 2024 and who might figure Trumpism will be irrelevant by then. Senators Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski have been the most vocal Republicans in expressing concerns about Trump’s behavior toward Ukraine. Other GOP senators have recently softened in their defense of him, as well—all before the House has held any public hearings.”

Who exactly is Juleanna Glover, “Republican” strategist?

Consider the Washington Post’s description: “She’s worked for just about every Republican establishmentarian — including former president George W. Bush and former vice president Richard B. Cheney, as well as card-carrying anti-Trumper Bill Kristol.”

She was a senior advisor John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, Press Secretary for Vice President Dick Cheney during the Iraq War, public-affairs adviser to the first Iraqi ambassadorial representative to the U.S. following the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and publicity director for Bill Kristol’s Never Trump outlet The Weekly Standard. 

If Hillary Clinton is Queen of the Swamp, Glover is one of her devoted footmen. 

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Consider this excerpt from an Esquire piece, A Swamp Divided: How Trump’s Arrival Turned D.C. Nightlife Upside Down”:

“Take Juleanna Glover, one of the city’s most well-known hostesses. Her home has become a sort of oasis where the list is scrupulously scrubbed of most Trump guests… Indeed, her parties these days are often the center of D. C.’s #NeverTrump conservative resistance, as was the case at a book party she threw for Rick Wilson, the Republican consultant who recently published the best seller Everything Trump Touches Dies. “We can call them the uncontaminated,” Glover joked. “Pulling together the like-minded makes people hopeful. You’re aggregating the intellectually disciplined and principled. But it’s also deeply siloing.”

Glover even “designed her house to withstand a constant stream of parties for Washington’s A-list” according to the Financial Times.

The Washington Post identified her as an anti-impeachment crusader:

Within three minutes of [Neal] Katyal’s announcement that he was writing an impeachment tome, he received an email from Juleanna Glover, a Republican strategist and doyenne of the D.C. social scene, telling him that she would be throwing him a book party, whether he attended or not.

Tap tap tap.

Those of you by the bar in the back please come toward the kitchen,” Glover, the evening’s host, says with a big bright smile. “Everybody come closer. Let’s get a little cozy . . . I’m so glad you’re here, because I think everybody here wants to hear a very effective argument for why we need principled, honest leadership in the White House.

The feting at Glover’s expansive townhouse listed as co-hosts: George Conway, Hayden, former attorney general Eric H. Holder, NBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Hollywood’s Rob Reiner. Three of those hosts did not attend, but Katyal did, of course.”

Hailed as one of “the most prominent members of the #NeverTrump crowd in Washington”, Glover believes it’s “natural for conservative women to oppose Trump”, explaining:

Come on in. The water is warm. There are a lot of people who oppose Trump and will not support him. And for a conservative woman to be opposed to Trump is the most naturally comfortable place to be, philosophically and morally.”

She was also identified by the Washington Examiner as part of the “secret Republican plot to take down Trump in 2020”:

“Juleanna Glover Weiss, a D.C. lobbyist and former press secretary for Vice President Dick Cheney, helped introduce journalists to McMullin in 2016. Last August, she hosted a book party at her Kalorama home for Rick Wilson, a Florida GOP strategist with ties to Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio.”

While CNN may refer to her as a “Republican strategist,” meant to tout bipartisan support for impeachment, she’s been out to get President Trump from the start. 

Now, the media is amplifying her demands for an anti-democratic, anti-transparent, secretive Senate process to remove a sitting President of the United States.