On Episode 112 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Mark Meadows calls for a “witness exchange program.”

He explains: “Here is what I would do. I don’t believe we need additional witnesses. If their case was so strong, bring forth the case you have now, try it, let’s get it done. But if they want more witnesses, let’s do a witness exchange program. I want Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in exchange for John Bolton.”

In addition to the Bidens, Rep. Meadows calls for the whistleblower and Adam Schiff to testify: “Honestly, I think that the critical [witnesses] would be the whistleblower coordinating with Adam Schiff because we know that it happened and then the second would’ve the Biden’s. I’d love for Schiff to testify, he’d be my number one pick, just to be blunt.”

Schiff is Rep. Meadows’s top pick “because we know that he knows a lot of things. He’s been able to get softballs on MSNBC and we would love to throw an inside hardball.”

Later in the show, he again calls for Schiff to testify “All roads lead to Putin, you’ve heard Nancy Pelosi say it. She’s trying to get that out there now. In the end, nothing leads to Putin. Ultimately, all things lead to Adam Schiff. I’d love for him to come in and actually be a witness.”


Rep. Meadows describes how many Republican Senators calls for witnesses to participate in the trial stem from their lack of knowledge on the secret, closed-door hearings that occurred in the SCIF: “Part of the disunity is when they start to say we certainly should hear from witnesses, and a lot of them have no idea that we spent 100’s of hours in a basement hearing from witnesses and that most of it, this comes down to two things, feelings and hearsay.”

The secret hearings made it clear that “this is hurt feelings because the president dared to do something different and it’s all about hearsay that somebody heard someone say that somebody else said at the water cooler that the president might have thought this happened.”

He adds, “it’s crazy.”

Rep. Meadows calls for action: “It’s up to us to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and I think we can because the facts are on our side. You can’t spend 100’s of hours looking at this stuff and be worried. I’m not worried. What we have to do is make sure we share that with our Senate colleagues, and now is the time to do that.”

He emphasizes how Democrats are not going to play fair: “The state of play is that in the Senate many times they have this gentleman’s way of interacting with their colleagues, and I can tell you that they will be taken to the cleaner if they think this is going to be a fair process. It wasn’t fair in the House. It won’t be fair in the Senate.”

He adds, “This is all about 2020. This is all about November.”

Rep. Meadows has previously appeared on episodes 96, 24, and 4 of War Room: Impeachment.