“[Democrats] have overshot the target [on impeachment],” Representative Mark Meadows from North Carolina told the War Room Monday evening.

Meadows, one of the more vocal House Republicans against impeachment, joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller for Episode 9 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi forcing a vote this coming Thursday.

“[Democrats are] trying to show momentum by getting 218 Democrats for something that is a Rules vote.” The North Caroline Representative explained how the Rules vote is simply “an order to change the jurisdiction of committees and allow Schiff to take this forward…it’s essentially saying we want Adam Schiff to continue hiding the identity of the whistleblower.”

“The one thing that remains [undisclosed] will be the whistleblower – except for Adam Schiff.” The Congressman believes it is time to bring the whistleblower into the open and “hold him or her accountable.”

When asked the reason for Pelosi to force the sudden vote, Meadows responded: “[Pelosi is] trying to protect the Democrats that are in 31 Trump districts…she’s also trying to have her cake and eat it too…[The Democrats] haven’t been transparent.” They are trying to cover their tracks and appear as though they are transparent, Meadows explains.

Even when the impeachment process is open to the public, Meadows insists the “tainted witness” testimonies are “not going to be reliable from an American citizen’s point of view…The tainted process has been one of coaching, leading the witnesses.”

Meadows says to keep pushing back against the Democrats efforts “we continue to speak the truth like [the War Room is] doing right now. The only reason [Democrats are] having this vote is because they were losing public opinion.”

“This is all about Adam Schiff running for President in 2024,” the North Carolina Congressman added. “He wants to be the face of impeachment. We need to make sure he is the face of impeachment defeat.”

Before leaving the War Room, Meadows concluded, “we need to call [impeachment] out for what it is: it’s nothing more than partisan politics at its worst.”