On Episode 48 of War Room: Impeachment, pollster John McLaughlin joined Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam to discuss the bias seen in many impeachment polls.

“There’s real discrepancies in the quality of the polls that [CNN and others] put out there. The ones that are closer, are better for us,” McLaughlin told the War Room.

“The polls [during the 2016 election] were modeled after the 2012 polls. When they thought that [Hillary Clinton] would be like Barack Obama, the Democrats stopped polling and they followed that model…Their models were wrong because they were assuming it was going to be the same turnout as 2012. We got a record [Republican] turn out [in 2016], nine million more than 2012…So the polls you’re seeing now are skewed. They’re underestimating the number of Republicans.”

McLaughlin furthered that Democratic pollsters “lead off with thing that discourage Republicans from coming in. They’ve got: ‘Do you think Republicans defend the President too much, too little, or about right?’ Then don’t ask… ‘Do you think Democrats are attacking the President too much?’”