On Episode 105 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam discuss the real reason Senator Mitch McConnell wants a ‘quick & dirty’ trial.

Kassam pointedly asks: “Why would we expect Mitch McConnell to want a full investigation of these foreign dealings when Mitch McConnell is so well known for doing it himself.”

Bannon expands: “You mean Mitch McConnell who came with $100,000 in his bank accounts and is now worth $24 million on a senator’s salary? That Mitch McConnell? It’s highlighted in Secret Empires.


Kassam notes how anything more than a ‘quick & dirty’ trial would expose the permanent political class: “They’re not going to want the skin to start being peeled back on these things. One of the reasons they want this to be over and done with as quickly as possible is hey, uh oh, if I’m Mitch McConnell and I’m seen as using my powers to investigate those guys, when I’m in opposition, what are they going to do to me.”

Bannon adds that “Joe Biden puts the entire permanent political class on trial. The permanent political class does not want that. They’re all afraid.”