On Episode 97 of War Room: Impeachment, Host Stephen K. Bannon asks Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, if “McCabe yesterday admitting that he lied, is the first tell officially that the facade is starting to crack?”

Fitton responds: “He was referred for prosecution based on that material in April of 2018. The Justice Department still hasn’t figured out whether they want to prosecute him or not.”

Fitton elaborates: “It is extraordinarily frustrating to see the Deputy FBI Director, Acting FBI Director for the time, referred for prosecution. Remember, Comey was referred for prosecution to the Justice Department for lying about illegally leaking the president’s FBI files. No prosecution.”

He adds: “Now we’re all waiting for Mr. Durham to act.”

What is the “facade” McCabe’s admission of guilt could potentially “crack”?

It’s the “crime of the century” against President Trump.

Fitton explains: “There have been a series of crimes that began during the campaign with illegal spying on the candidate, it continued as he was president, conspiracy and violation of the law, misuse of office for political purposes and other violations of the law, lying to the courts, more violations of the law, lying about it under oath, additional violations of the law.”