On Episode 90 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discussed the recent buzz surrounding Senator Murkowski, and how it is linked to the overall impeachment trial.

Bannon began by saying the impeachment trial and Murkowski are “inextricably linked,” asking whether “the President of the United States, is he a supplicant to Murkowski, and Romney, and Susan Collins, and others?”

“No,” Miller answered. “And this is why the unity vote in the House was so critical. Because there’s no where for them to go.”

“The House is inextricably linked to the Senate,” Bannon explained. “We said it from the beginning: unity and substance.”

“Right,” Miller confirmed. “You’ll notice Mitt Romney, some of the others folks who popped off earlier – they’ve been stone quiet as of late. Crickets.”

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He explained: “Lisa Murkowski, Senator from Alaska, is in the news because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the comment: ‘we will be in total coordination with the White House.’ And so Lisa Murkowski jumped in and said we have to take a step back from the hand and glove defense.”

“She had this line here which I really took issue with: ‘for me to prejudge and say there is nothing there, or on the other hand he should be impeached yesterday, that’s wrong in my view. That’s wrong.’

Miller explained: “Here’s the fundamental problem with Lisa Murkowski trying to demonstrate her independent value: what about the five Democratic senators running for president? So she’s going to throw down and be this arbiter of truth that stands out – which by the way, the mainstream media is all jumping on: ‘here’s a crack in the foundation.'”

“It was nonstop yesterday,” Bannon emphasized.

“This is what they want us to do,” Kassam asserted. “They want us to go after her; they want us to jump on her; they want us to say she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I have got to tell you: I am not that okay with Republican senators going up to the microphone and saying ‘I am not an impartial juror.'”

“Just don’t give them the ammunition to throw at you like that. This,” Kassam continued, referring to Murkowski’s comments, “I think works much better. Because we’re going to have to deal with this on the campaign trail. Remember after all this is said and done, they’re still going to be campaigning on this and we have got to make sure the American public knows that the Senate did do its job, did do its due diligence and fully exonerated the president.”