On Episode 31 of War Room: Impeachment Congresswoman Debbie Lesko of Arizona joined Stephen K. Bannon to discuss Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee. 

“We’re not denigrating [Yovanovitch’s] patriotism or service to the country,” Bannon explained. “But as you saw this today, put it in perspective… There’s obviously a sensitivity about attacking a woman. Do you think it was teed up to emphasize that for the Democrats?”

“Oh, well yes,” Lesko replied. “I mean as I sat there I thought well, why are we even here? Why are we even here talking about this woman who was fired, who can be fired for any reason. And the Democrats are saying: ‘well, what did you think? How did you feel about being fired? And what did you think when you saw the transcript that said that President Trump was disparaging to you?’”

“Well who cares? We’re talking about impeachment [of the] President of the United States. Since when is it impeachable offense to hurt someone’s feelings?”

“I have a [woman] staff member in her twenties, and now she’s my legislative director. And she said, ‘this is sexist, that you’re treating this woman as if she has kid gloves or something when women are just as equal as men and can do this job.’ Why are we treating this woman with kid gloves? It’s sexist.