On Episode 31 of War Room: Impeachment Congresswoman Debbie Lesko from Arizona joined Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam to discuss how Adam Schiff is running the impeachment process.

Lesko said: “I encourage everyone listening: just read the transcript. There’s nothing there. There’s nothing impeachable there. And so they can bring up a hundred people that had hearsay evidence, that listened into a phone call in a restaurant through somebody else. And it does remind me of the REO Speedwagon song: ‘I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend.’”

“That’s Adam Schiff refusing to allow Congresswoman Stefanik to ask legitimate questions,” Kassam said. “Questions that she should be able to ask. But these are the new rules, these are Adam Schiff’s rules.”

“This does not surprise me at all,” Lesko replied. “I agree with President Trump, this is Shifty Schiff. I mean, seriously… The guy goes on national TV and says his office didn’t have any contact at all with the whistleblower and that turns out to be false.”

“Do you think that’s a boldfaced lie?” Bannon asked.

“Oh, a boldfaced lie. This guy has a history of lying and leaking.”

Lesko added: “This is not according to any rules.”