Congresswoman Debbie Lesko of Arizona joined Stephen K. Bannon on Episode 31 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss where the Democrats are going and what their end game is.

“I have no idea what the Democrats are thinking,” Lesko said. “I mean I really think this is a lose-lose for them.”

“You think so?” Bannon asked. “Why is that?”

“Oh, totally,” Lesko said. “First of all, they’re not getting anything done that the American people want to get done. And then let’s say they’re pushing through this impeachment thing with an unfair process, then it goes over to the Senate – during an election year. And they can talk about Hunter Biden, they can talk about Joe Biden. I mean this is bad for Bidens, it’s bad for the Democrats – I do not understand the logic at all.”

Bannon furthered: “Do you think the voters will hold them accountable for the opportunity cost and the fact they didn’t get the USMCA, they didn’t get the prescription drugs, opioids, all that; and they took over the Thanksgiving, Christmas, holiday season and forced a Constitutional crisis on the country?”

“I do think so,” Lesko said. “I just don’t understand the endgame that the Democrats have here. I do not understand it. All I can imagine is that they hate President Trump so much and they’re so concerned that he’s going to get reelected that they will try anything to try and change the results of him getting reelected.”