On Episode 49 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon discussed with Congressman Fred Keller how his constituents in Pennsylvania’s 12th District feel about the impeachment proceedings.

“Where do people in your district sit on this? Are they happy [Democrats are] pursuing the President in this impeachment, are they neutral, or are the unhappy?” Bannon asked the Congressman.

“The people of PA-12 are very supportive of President Trump,” Keller said. “They do not like the fact that their decision on who to send and be the leader of our nation is trying to be undone by a small group of people in the swamp.”

“We’ve seen it come out time and time again: when [the Democrats’] narrative doesn’t work, they come up with a new thing. I know they talk about this timeline now – come on. I call it the ‘Nancy Pelosi-Adam Schiff Whack-A-Mole impeachment process.’ It’s like a Whack-A-Mole machine.”

Keller began: “The Mueller report didn’t work-”

“-Now they’re onto the next thing,” Bannon finished.