On Episode 8 of War Room: Impeachment, co-host Jason Miller describes the significance of Charles Kupperman, former acting Deputy National Security advisor for the president, failing to show up for his scheduled deposition and filing of a lawsuit over his congressional subpoena:

“The big question is this Kupperman lawsuit. This is going to be such a massive precedent setter. There’s going to be a lot of attention paid to it.”

Co-host Raheem Kassam adds: “Kind of a tell that Kupperman is the only one who’s gone this way. It seems the rest of them are quite happy to spill the beans. People like Kathryn Wheelbarger at the Pentagon, a former McCain staffer and political appointee rather than career bureaucrat, Catherine Croft and Christopher Anderson. These are State Department Ukraine experts.”

Regarding Ukraine, he also predicts: “It’s going to become apparent to the public very quickly, why are we in this whole mess because of Ukraine? Why is the U.S., the president, and the election of 2016 being nullified over some things that are circulating around a very, very corrupt country?”

Host Stephen K. Bannon reiterates this, relegating the impeachment inquiry to “a sideshow of a side show when you think about China and the Middle East.”