On Episode 97 of War Room: Impeachment Raheem Kassam, Stephen K. Bannon, and guest Tom Fitton discussed the Senate trial; Kassam asserting Trump must look at it “the way he looked at the attack on the Baghdad embassy.”

Bannon, noting that Kassam and his team have gone through all seven thousand pages of documents from the impeachment proceedings, asked the former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage: “How does this play to you?”

“The way I look at it,” Kassam answered, “is the President should look at a trial and this whole process the way he looked at the attack on the Baghdad embassy.”

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If you don’t respond in kind and you don’t escalate back in return, you’re only going to attract more attacks on you.

“That’s what this whole thing is about. The Republicans,” Kassam continued, “they don’t have an appetite to be strong on this. But [Trump] has never listened to the Republican status quo.”

“There’s too many reports; there’s too many never-Trumpers still in the administration; there’s too many swamp monsters in Washington, D.C. getting away with it.”