On Episode 7 of War Room: Impeachment, host Steve Bannon poses the central question: “How did we get here? What were the paths that led to the call on the 25th of July of 2019 that have now become a world-historic event?”

To answer this, co-host Raheem Kassam recounts the significance of the 2013 Ukrainian protests:

“What was happening behind the scenes was this attempt to shift Ukraine from being traditionally a buffer state between Europe and Russia into a fully-fledged European Union if not member state, at least an affiliate member state. At this very same time, you had a policy discussion going on about how Ukraine could be brought into some of the EU treaties and institutions. There was a document that was being ratified at this time. All of this was essentially a fight to amass the EU and Nato on to Russia’s borders rather than to keep Ukraine as a buffer state.

Now that was a policy position, and presidents are allowed to take policy positions and the EU is allowed to take its own policy position. But that was a policy position that has really created this whole nightmare.”

Therefore, the Trump administration inherited “a cluster of epic proportions that nobody had thought through. Nobody thought the Russians would necessarily fight back. Nobody thought Crimea would be annexed. They thought they had Russia on the backdoor and now they’re having to mop this up.”

Kassam continued: “There’s a more serious element to this than just a policy dispute. Tens of thousands of people have died as a result of what took place sponsored by the European Union, John McCain and President Obama in 2013. And nobody ever talks about that, the culpability of taking a buffer country and trying to subsume it into a NATO, European Union thing with almost no planning behind it.”

War Room: Impeachment has emphasized how the current impeachment inquiry is “effectively a policy dispute” between the president’s America First agenda and the globalist legacy of his predecessors:

“This president is being impeached because of the policy failures of the last president. The policy failures of the last president coupled with some of the more hawkish, neo-conservative Republicans out there like John McCain and his cadre of people that supported Obama time and time again, and this president is now suffering from that.”