On Episode 23 of War Room: Impeachment, Raheem Kassam, former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage, discusses with Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller the importance of both the timing and preliminary findings of the Catherine Croft and Laura Cooper testimonies.

“I think the reason that they’ve released these testimonies – Cooper and Croft – this evening is because there’s actually not a lot on the Democrats side in them,” Kassam explained. “They want to sort of get these out late night [on] Veterans Day. Not a lot of people are paying hyper, hyper close attention to this. But there are some interesting nuggets to pull out of this that I think really aids the President’s point and his position.”

“Natasha Bertrand from Politico pulls out a point from the Croft testimony that the [Office of Management and Budget] under [Mick] Mulvaney was delaying aid in 2017. And the rationale behind it, as far as Croft was concerned, was because of Russian retaliation, Russian reaction to this. The allegation that is effectively made in the transcript that I’m looking at right now is that all of the U.S. policy makers, the policy experts, the permanent political class had decided that it was time to further this war, to fuel the war between Ukraine and Russia. And it was the Trump administration who was deciding: ‘oh, well, maybe we should be a little bit cautious, already thousands of people dead there, maybe we don’t want to fuel another war.'”

“And isn’t that similar, gentlemen,” Kassam continued, “to what we’ve seen the policy position being pushed about Syria and everything else. It’s always this ‘rush to war, rush to war, rush to fund the enemy, fuel the enemy, why aren’t we helping the Kurds, let there be more bloodshed, let there be more U.S. aid spent on this stuff.’ And the Trump Administration, it seems pretty consistent on its policies – not just in Ukraine, but Syria and other parts of the world – that actually war and bloodshed does not have to be the first resort. Shocker.”

Kassam later added: “It’s very telling from the Cooper testimony that she is being led in question after question… It’s clear in the testimony that I’ve read so far that’s come out, that she is being led to act like Ukraine is a U.S. treaty ally that is being let down by the Trump administration. She actually pushed back in some of the testimony. The question was asked of her: ‘it would weaken an ally, that being Ukraine, is that correct?’ She responds: ‘it would weaken a strategy partner,’ and there is a massive difference there.”