Raheem Kassam, author and co-host of War Room: Impeachment, appeared on America’s Voice News Network where he dismantled the Democrats’ case for impeachment.

“This isn’t about trying to convince any in the Senate chamber. They’ve made up their minds by and large,” Kassam said of the Impeachment Managers’ presentation of their case. “There may be one or two votes here and there, but you can’t exactly claim that the presentations we’ve seen so far are playing to those one or two votes.”

“No, this is the weaponization of the impeachment process for use in the 2020 election cycle,” the war room host emphasized. “What the Democrats are seeking to do here is extract thirty, sixty second clips so that their candidates can take to the campaign trails and air these comments from them, air these Schiff clips that show them taking the fight to the President in the Senate Chamber.”

“It is an abuse of power, quite frankly, that we’re seeing taking place on national television all day long in front of our eyes.”


Kassam asserts that the more time the Impeachment Managers spend making their case, “the more weary the American public gets of their voices and their arguments. The more repetitious they become; the more dull it is; the more boring it is. It leaves the Trump defense team with an open goal to come back, slam these guys, show where their hypocrisies, lies, misrepresentations, and holes in their case are.”

He also explained investigations into Burisma “were already going on in Ukraine. This isn’t something that the President asked for afresh. There was investigations going on into Burisma; Burisma represented by this PR company in the United States which is run by former Obama and Clinton staffers, and its managing director was a former special advisor for Joe Biden.”

The Democrats are “using today to try and clear Hunter and Joe Biden’s names,” Kassam gave insight into day two of the prosecution’s opening statements. “What they’re actually doing is planting the seeds of doubt by repeating the claims that have been made against them for so long.”