“The right needs to focus very significantly on substance here: substance, substance, substance,” Raheem Kassam, former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage, emphasized to his colleagues Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller on Episode 11 of War Room: Impeachment. 

Kassam outlined some important questions the right should be asking: “Why are we in this Ukraine mess? Let’s talk about how we got here; let’s talk about what the Obama era policies were; let’s talk about these characters: who they work for, what their policies were.” 

As War Room: Impeachment host Stephen K. Bannon said in Episode 8: “Details are our friends here. The more granular you get, the better it looks for President Trump.”

Co-host and former Senior Communications Advisor to the 2016 Trump campaign Jason Miller highlighted how Democrats are attempting to block Republicans from obtaining the details that benefit the President: “We can on the Republican side go and cross-examine witnesses, which will be public, but we cannot subpoena our own witnesses.”

“Why does this matter? Because there are going to be names, there are going to be follow ups, things that we learn from testimonies going forwards and that have already happened. Say for example, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman’s NSC colleagues. We won’t have the ability to go and subpoena them and say ‘come on up, we want to hear from you. Who else may have Vindman discussed this with? What other shenanigans may he have been up to?’ We won’t be able to call them because we can’t subpoena witnesses.”

Kassam concluded the episode by saying, “I want to stress to people, one of the reasons these guys [Democrats, witnesses] think they can get away with this stuff is because they know if they get out of government, if they’re kicked out of government, they just hop across the road to the McCain Institute or the Brookings Institution or whatever it is. They don’t feel an existential threat in going up there and undermining the President of the United States.”