On Episode 22 of War Room: Impeachment, co-host Raheem Kassam describes why Republicans need an equivalent of Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat’s “machete,” who can act as a “central clearing point” for more unified and aggressive messaging.

Kassam describes the origin of the term: “When I was running the [UK Independence Party] rapid response, they had a nickname for me in the office. That nickname was “machete”. And the reason I had that nickname was every time they needed something done that nobody else wanted to do, they would send the machete in. My job was to forcibly, whether an external journalist, person inside the party, our spokesman, or our national executive committee, hack at them until they gave way.” 

Currently, for Republicans, “There is nobody as far as I can see that serves as a central clearing house for messaging and information.”

In contrast, “Nancy Pelosi is the machete of the Democratic party right now. The Republican party needs its own, and it just doesn’t have one. Who are you going to look to for messaging guidance? Kevin McCarthy? No offense, there’s absolutely no way that’s going to happen.”

This lack of unity is responsible for Republican’s inconsistent messaging: “It requires President Trump to make that call about somebody who can act as that machete. Can be somebody on the Hill, somebody in the White House, but there needs to be a central clearing point. That’s why you’re hearing all these distinct messages now.”

To demonstrate this, host Stephen K. Bannon points to the Sunday shows, “the railhead of how the narrative starts for the week,” noting how “a broad defense of the president” is absent.