On Episode 15 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller discuss the Republican party’s shift toward taking impeachment more seriously, not just dismissing it as a “sham” or “witch hunt”.

Kassam notes “the Republican party whether in the White House or Capitol Hill is now in full on war mode,” inspired by “the president’s tweets a couple of days ago about unity.”

Miller contextualizes this shift, providing recent polling data: “The needle is really moving. There is this new Washington Post poll out on Democrat’s handling of impeachment where its says 50% disapprove and 43% approve. But then there’s a real telling point. 65% think hearings should be public and 33% say they should be in private.”

To Miller, that 33% is comprised of people who “live in California or New York.”

He continues: “This really shows how this has become partisan split. If this remains a partisan divide, President Trump is not going to win this thing, he’ll have a massive advantage in 2020.”