On Episode 43 of War Room: Impeachment, Raheem Kassam compare how Democrats and Republicans have been preparing for the impending Senate trial. 

Kassam states: “The Republican counsel has been setting up evidence for a Senate trial while the Democrat counsel has been setting up CNN headlines this entire time. That’s why we’re in a better place.” 

Even Jonathan Turley, a Constitutional law professor at the George Washington University and “no friend of Trump” corroborates Kassam’s comparison. He destroys the Democrat’s case for impeachment and elaborates on the unlikelihood of conviction in the Senate:

In an interview, Turley begins: “I think that this is certainly the shortest investigation and certainly the thinnest evidentiary record and the narrowest impeachment ever to go to the Senate if they were to go on this record.”

He continues: “The question is what do you need to remove a sitting president. Where this is intentional or not, it seems designed to fail in the Senate. I don’t think you could prove a removable offense of a president on this record even if the Democrats were in control. This thing is too narrow. It doesn’t have a broad foundation and it’s an undeveloped record. There were a lot of core witnesses that were not called. The question is why. They said we want a vote by December.”

Turley concludes: “I think this could be the trial Trump wants and the first witness they call may be Hunter Biden.”