On Episode 12 of War Room: Impeachment, airing the same day as Nancy Pelosi’s house vote intended to formalize the House impeachment inquiry, co-host Raheem Kassam introduces a new factor that influenced her decision to hold a vote: the impending loss of anonymity for the whistleblower.

Discussing the decision to hold the vote, Kassam describes what prompted Pelosi to “rush this thing through”: 

“Firstly, we have to understand it was death by a thousand cuts. There were so many things that went wrong with the process from Republicans finally waking up like President Trump tweeted yesterday, finally unifying around this, and Matt Gaetz storming the SCIF. 

“But the key one was the name, intention, and origin of this whistleblower becoming less of a secret here in Washington DC. They were very very proud originally. It’s a very hard city to keep secrets in. They were very proud they had managed to keep this persons name out of the newspaper and off trending on Twitter. As soon as about a week ago, they started to sense people knew, and people were going to really hone in on who this person was and what their overt political motivation might have been.”

Kassam stresses the importance of House Republicans hammering this today: “House Republican’s “message today should be you got the whistleblower being named out there as an overtly partisan figure. If the name is correct, then we’re talking about a registered Democrat who worked very closely with Joe Biden and Susan Rice and was very close to the people who began the whole Russia hoax investigation in the first place.”

He adds:  “While most Americans still back a process, they think the Democrats are being really terrible, awful, and poor about it, and that’s something the White House and Republicans on Capitol Hill need to capitalize on.”