Raheem Kassam, co-host of War Room: Impeachment, joined The Schilling Show to discuss the over-hyped “Bolton bombshell” and why President Trump’s legal team should utilize all 24 hours while presenting his defense.

Regarding Bolton, Kassam noted: “We’re being asked to believe the anecdotal testimony of somebody who has an axe to grind against the president. We’re being asked to believe the testimony of somebody who has a book to sell. We’re being asked to believe the testimony of somebody who was very publicly fired and humiliated by the president.”


For those just coming to the impeachment inquiry now, he summarizes the paramount cause: “All it comes down to is what we’ve been saying from the start: this is a foreign policy dispute. The people who have been in the Washington establishment for a very long time don’t like the president for his policy decisions and want him removed.”

Kassam also expands upon the argument he advanced in a recent op-ed for President Trump’s defense team to use the full 24 hours granted to them: “It isn’t a longterm strategy to deal with the ‘Permanent Impeachment Party,’ a strategy to take the fight to the media over their constant lies, and it isn’t a strategy by which to attack the people ostensibly on your own side who are causing damage like the John Boltons.”

The segment starts at 19:30 and ends at 29:30.