On Episode 111 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam paid tribute to the late Sir Roger Scruton.

Sir Roger Scruton passed away at age 75 due to cancer.

Kassam outlines his monumental impact on society: “A great, great political philosopher, thinker, really the greatest conservative of our age. Britain’s last big, public conservative and intellectual who authored over 40 books on philosophy, politics, architecture. ”

Bannon describes him as “Populist, nationalist, and traditionalist” adding “he was the connective tissue on the Western canon in modern conservatism, and he never backed down. They came after him hard.”


Bannon continues his praise of Sir Roger: “A giant in the modern conservative movement. We need men of ideas. He was the William F. Buckley of the United Kingdom.”

Some of his best works include:

  • A Political Philosophy: Arguments for Conservatism
  • Soul of the World
  • How to Be a Conservative

To Kassam, Why Beauty Matters was his most important work.

Kassam describes Sir Roger’s worldview: “This is somebody who really believed that the built environment around us, the architecture, the artwork, the culture, the music, everything that surrounds us keeps societies traditional, keeps them together, closely knit.”

Sir Roger’s impact transcended literature: “He was one of the guys that was running philosophy courses for dissidents in former Soviet countries, Soviet countries in the Eastern Bloc, teaching Aristotle and Plato, really putting himself on the line. He was a fellow at the World Society of Literature, the British Academy, and the Future Symphony Institute. This guy was greatly, widely awarded on the conservative side in Europe and indeed was very popular in the United States as well.”

Kassam adds: “This was a genius of a man who used to run these Scrutopia conferences out at his estate and teach young people.”

Sir Roger was not immune from the slanderous liberal media: “

Just as he was getting sick, the New Statesman, a very leftwing magazine in the UK posted an out of context quote from Sir Roger that resulted in him being fired from his role as Housing Adviser for the British government.”

Ultimately, “The magazine was caught doing what it was doing and ended up issuing an apology, so did the government that fired him.”

Rest In Peace, Sir Roger Scruton

(February 27th, 1944 – January 12th, 2020)