Referencing the string of former and current national security officials testifying in recent impeachment hearings expected to continue into next week, co-host of the War Room Impeachment show Raheem Kassam asked if “all roads lead to [John] Bolton”.

Minutes after raising the question, CNN reported that the hawking ex-national security advisor’s lawyers were in talks about a possible impeachment deposition.

This is on top of other senior officials in the administration’s national security department – namely Tim Morrison – scheduled to testify next week.

Kassam predicted it earlier in the week.

“What did I say at the beginning of this week? I said Tim Morrison and Bill Taylor, all these things were going to converge and dovetail. And sure as the turning of the earth, it’s happening. And now guess what they’re signaling to in the news. Tim Morrison is expected to back Bill Taylor’s testimony.” 

Who exactly is Tim Morrison?

He’s a top advisor on the president’s National Security Council for Russian and European affairs.

Kassam continued: “This is a guy who is known as the hawk’s hawk. There was an incredible article about him on the Daily Beast. I especially like the line where it says he’s John Bolton without a mustache. It’s pretty telling about who Tim Morrison is. And according to multiple sources of mine – I’ve counted four so far – is a fully fledged, established ‘Never Trumper’.

He’s also responsible for initiating the Ukraine scandal by suggesting to Taylor… ambassador to Ukraine, that Trump’s “call could have been better,” referencing the phone call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine, Zelensky.

Bannon understandably asks, “How does that guy get hired?”

Why are these officials complying with the impeachment inquiry?

They’re clearly violating White House Counsel Pat Cipollone’s memo “sent to Capitol Hill and Nancy Pelosi saying we’re not cooperating, were gonna take this to court, were going to argue executive privilege, this is an unfair process, this is an illegal process.” 

The remaining question is why would these officials help to legitimize this “sham”?

To Kassam, perhaps it’s because he “has an axe to grind”. Miller contends that Bolton is in the midst of securing a book deal.