War Room: Impeachment co-host Raheem Kassam joined the Frank Beckman radio show to discuss why President Trump’s legal team ought to use the full 24 hours to present their case in the Senate, an imperative Kassam outlined in a recent op-ed.

He explained War Room: Impeachment’s consensus: “While the case as the Democrats laid it out can be destroyed quite quickly because it wasn’t a very solid case and had a very thin evidentiary record that relied a lot on people like Gordon Sondland who said that they were presuming when they made those assertions about what the president was trying to do with this aid money, the problem is then you miss out on addressing all sorts of wider concerns around the impeachment trial and the players in the impeachment trial leaving them unscathed, untouched by this whole thing making no retributive actions against them trying to depose the President of the United States over effectively what was just a foreign policy dispute.”

Adding, “The world knows Adam Schiff didn’t make a case, but the world also wants to know how we got here.”


Kassam also emphasized how using all the allotted time would allow the president’s lawyers to detail how the Obama administration’s inaction and the “Bidens profiteering” were the catalyst for the corruption President Trump needed to address in Ukraine along with sway independent and moderate voters.

He also provides insight on Bolton’s “bombshell” manuscript: “For the audience out there who doesn’t know or understand how things happen in Washington DC, there can be no doubting that this is intentional timing behind this. The PR agents work with the journalists work with other political figures, friend of and John Bolton himself to make sure that these things come out at a certain time even if they seem like accidental leaks or are portrayed as accidental leaks.”

Adding, “That means there is a bad actor here. Either John Bolton is telling the truth and timing this release intentionally to harm an elected President of the United States or it means John Bolton is telling a falsehood.”