Two key words for next week: National Security and No Shows,” Raheem Kassam, co-host of War Room: Impeachment, told host Stephen K. Bannon, co-host Jason Miller, and guest Reince Priebus on Episode 13.

Here’s the key: [Democrats have] lined up next week all administration people who aren’t going to show because it’s a sham process and the administration, citing executive privilege, isn’t going to do it,” Miller explained.

“The Democrats have strategically laid out for next week, every single day, a supposed testimony from someone who’s not going to be there. So they are going to start building the narrative: ‘we’ve passed this resolution to give them fair rights and equal access but they won’t even show up.’ So they’re going to start trying to turn the media around on this – on the obstruction part. That’s why it’s important for us to keep the pressure up – not just on these freshmen Democrats in Trump districts, but everyone.”

“It’s very hard to get the public engaged on Ukraine,” Kassam said.

“It’s a side show to a side show,” Bannon said.

Kassam furthered: “Now [Democrats] are trying to change the narrative. ‘Oh it’s not about what was in the call, it’s about national security’.”

“[Morrison] went up there and he said ‘look, I did see a quid pro quo, I understood it to be a quid pro quo’. But he did also say quite clearly he did not see anything that was illegal in the transcript of the call [between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky.”

“Vindman had called [the transcript] into question,” Kassam adds, contrasting Morrison’s statement that the transcript was accurate.