“I think a lot of people now have been caught up on this ‘no quid pro quo’ stuff,” Raheem Kassam, War Room: Impeachment co-host and former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage said on Episode 14.

He continued: “I will disagree with you [Stephen K. Bannon] a little bit here as well, and with Jason [Miller]: alongside the ‘this process is unconstitutional’ line, [the ‘no quid pro quo’ line] is not an attack line, it’s not something that’s necessarily cutting through.”

Referencing Andy McCarthy’s two part series in National Review earlier this week, Kassam explains: “You don’t mean ‘no quid pro quo.’ What you mean is no improper quid pro quo. You see, in all foreign affairs dealings – whether it’s aid dealings, whether it’s diplomatic visits – there’s always a quid pro quo.

“Remember when Obama went and interfered in the Brexit referendum – that was a quid pro quo. But nobody at the time said: ‘look at this foreign interference, quid pro quo, David Cameron’s doing something for Obama, Obama’s doing something for David Cameron in return.’ You know it was a quid pro quo because he said ‘back of the queue’ not ‘back of the line.’ Remember when he threatened about the UK/U.S. trade deal? That was how Obama threatened the Brits to try and vote against Brexit. It’s the same thing that’s happening here. What the argument that Andy McCarthy is making is that [Trump’s call with the Ukrainian President is] not an improper quid pro quo.”