Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller broke down Wednesday night’s struggle bus better known as the Democrat debates on Episode 40 of War Room: Impeachment.

“We’ve got to take care of the struggle bus,” Kassam said. “Which was the Democrat debates last night. What were your thoughts, did you watch it?”

“Absolutely did not watch it,” Miller said. “I had to take a hard pass on that one. But from all the recaps I went through, and I looked at a ton of stories, it looked like everyone basically left Mayor Pete alone. But Joe Biden, we have got to talk about his gaffes.”

“Yes, let’s talk about Joe Biden’s gaffes,” Kassam furthered. “I did watch it, against my will. Firstly, Amy Klobuchar was shaking like a leaf up there. And I have no idea if there’s something wrong with her, whether she’s low on potassium, whether she was just exhausted, maybe she was pepped up on caffeine – I don’t know, but she was shaking violently up there. Her hair was shaking about, her arms were shaking about.”

“Then it goes over to Biden: he couldn’t string a sentence together. He genuinely was making no sense in the beginning. He was saying that ‘when you’re President, the first thing you have to do is defeat Donald Trump.’ No, no. You become President by defeating Donald Trump.”

Miller emphasized: “He was slurring his words, and stumbling to complete sentences – I mean he was all over the map.”