“I remain and am always persistently skeptical that the right, conservatives, Trump supporters, whatever it is, I always say simply not enough is happening on the pushback here,” Raheem Kassam discussed with his co-host Jason Miller on Episode 18 of War Room: Impeachment.

“There are of course some great and very important voices on this like Mark Meadows, and Matt Gaetz, and Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan. But all things considered, it doesn’t seem like the right has its you-know-what together as regards to pushback against this. The Sondland thing – the quid pro quo, the revision – is now dominating the entire news cycle. The lie has made it across the world before the truth has had a chance to get its trousers on.”

Kassam expressed his thoughts further: “There is no central clearing house, there is no point where somebody decides ‘this is the line today.’ At five o’clock in the morning they go ‘oh my goodness, we’re getting hammered on this, we need to push back in some way, shape, or form.’ Why didn’t a pdf, why didn’t a twelve page PDF – or a two page PDF even – land in my email inbox this morning pushing back against this Sondland, quid pro quo stuff.”

Jason Miller added: “You look at the twitter feeds or the Fox News appearances of a Mark Meadows, a Lee Zeldin, a Jim Jordan, an Andy Biggs – of course Matt Gaetz, who’s one of our favorite members of all of Congress – and that’s really right now our central clearing house for the pushback.”

Miller goes on to explain this is not enough: “The Democrats have MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post – just going down the list after there.”