“The narrative the media is going to push this week is the no shows,” War Room: Impeachment co-host Raheem Kassam brought up at the close of Episode 16.

Kassam was referencing the administration witnesses called this week, including the November 4th witnesses: Robert Blair, Michael Ellis, John Eisenberg, and Brian McCormack. All can cite executive privilege and not appear for their respective hearings. 

War Room co-host Jason Miller explained: “This was all part of the Nancy Pelosi [communications] director plan,” noting how all hosts on the show have tipped their hats to Pelosi from the beginning over the political disinformation masterclass she’s been running. 

“Congress is out of session this week, they’re all back in their districts.”

Kassam asked, “How do you call people when you’re out of session?” 

“Right,” Miller responded. “So who’s here? It would be interesting – I think Raheem [Kassam], you made this point – what would happen if say [Robert] Blair for explained showed up like ‘hey guys, I’m here’ ready to testify?”

“All the members of Congress, the 435 members of Congress, they’re back in their districts. They’re all doing the meet and greets, and shaking hands, and all of that. There’s no one even here.”

“[Democrats] are lining this up because they know the media is going to chase this flashy object and say ‘Trump administration folks will no show’, as if there’s some kind of obstruction. And they’ll try to weave that into a broader narrative of obstruction; which [not showing up] fits under Presidential privilege and there’s no reason they should go.”