On Episode 45 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller break down the changing media narratives.

Miller began: “The media is now laying down the baseline that President Trump is going to survive – or likely survive – the Impeachment witch hunt, but then he has real problems coming up for next fall…What they’re trying to do is say this is a fake win for the President: essentially – these are my words – ‘we’re still going to get it next year.”

Kassam continued: “The major places that are really trying to set the narrative on this are not that focused on impeachment… You can see the press moving to shift their narratives at work to explain why they’ve been so out of touch on this for the past couple of weeks.”

He furthered: “Despite the public congratulations and celebrations and exaltations of people like Fiona Hill, the narrative that’s being born out – probably by polling, and focus grouping, and testing… – is shifting them onto the back foot.”