On Episode 17 of War Room: Impeachment, co-host Raheem Kassam analyzes the testimony of former State Department Advisor Michael McKinley. 

Host Stephen K. Bannon asks Kassam how his testimony, specifically his “position on Pompeo” is going to “play out.”

Kassam summarizes the testimony as McKinley alleging “Pompeo lied to him on 3 separate occasions.”

Kassam continues: “This is an undermining of the Secretary of State and what the Secretary of State under the instruction of the president was setting out to achieve, not just in Ukraine. […] All of these guys hated every single thing about Trump’s foreign policy and American First foreign policy.”

According to McKinley, he chose to resign “because he saw the use of ambassadors to advance domestic political agendas.”

The media and Democratic are propagating two lies centered on the testimony of foreign officials like Yovanovitch and McKinley:

First, “The public is being forced to believe that under no circumstance like ever before has an ambassador like Yovanovich been a target of a campaign to be removed. That’s not true. That happens all the time. De facto and de rigueur.”

Also, they’re perpetuating the falsehood that “they’re haven’t been political appointments to ambassadorships in the past.”

Guest of Episode 17, Jenny Beth Martin, founder of Tea Party Patriots, remarks, “I’m astounded these people are so upset that President Trump didn’t want them to serve anymore.”