Wednesday’s “star witnesses” — George Kent and Bill Taylor — in House impeachment hearings were supposed to deliver testimony that would go up like a rocket and stay there.

Sadly for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, and the rest of the Democratic Party, their testimony fizzled out before the spark made it all the way up the fuse.

Perhaps Taylor and Kent were unprepared. But given their coaching in private deposition, as well as the weeks of work that went into their opening and public statements, that idea stretches credulity.

More realistic is that the Democrats — forced by Congressman Matt Gaetz and others to shift from private to public hearings — had no “bombshell” after all, despite what they’ve been selectively leaking for weeks.

Any nonpartisan reading of yesterday’s hearings would yield big fat bupkis as far as the public is concerned.