On Episode 35 of War Room: Impeachment, Raheem Kassam discussed with Stephen K. Bannon and Jenny Beth Martin the importance of winning the impeachment fight.

Bannon said: “We notice there was a lack of urgency and people in denial… Do people realize this is bigger than Kavanaugh? …The only thing it’s not bigger than is the original election of Donald Trump. This is saving the Presidency.”

Kassam later pushed back: “I think this is bigger than 2016. It’s one thing to take the ground, it’s another thing to hold the ground.”

“You’re saying we took Vienna, now we have to hold Vienna,” Bannon said.

“Absolutely,” Kassam responded. “If you lose it at this point, you’re never getting it ever again. Because the fortification of it will come in, they will double down on the fortification…They thought they had it locked down. If you give up this victory now, if you give up everything that was earned in 2016, you’re never getting it back.”

“They’re not just trying to punish President Trump,” Martin added, “they’re trying to punish every single person who voted for him and to send a message to anyone else that every has the audacity to run for office without going through their establishment procedures. Don’t even try it, they will crush and destroy you.”