On Episode 35 of War Room: Impeachment Raheem Kassam pressed the issue of the media’s double standard, asking whether they would be okay with the impeachment process being run as is if the Republicans were running the show.

“Let’s think about it for a second: if the Republicans were in charge of this process, and they had changed the committee rules, and they had secret hearings – do you think anyone in the media would let them get away with it?”

“There is pin drop silence on this. And like you say, Steve [Bannon], Nancy Pelosi knows that these guys [the media] will fall in lock step behind her.”

“You listen to any of these left wing podcasts… You listen to these guys and you can hear in real time the narrative changing… You can hear them saying thing like ‘quid pro quo’, then somebody else on the panel goes ‘we’re not calling it that anymore, we’re calling it bribery now.’ This is real time political warfare that everybody can hear, and I don’t think our side has woken up to it.”