Raheem Kassam and Stephen K. Bannon discussed Will Hurd’s performance on the Intelligence Committee and whether he is properly representing his constituents on Episode 29 of War Room Impeachment.

“We need killers [on the Intelligence Committee],” Bannon said. “You saw what [Jim] Jordan did yesterday. You saw how fantastic he was. He had the ‘gotcha’ moment of the entire thing, where he summarized it all: ‘this is your star witness,’ right? Which was so fantastic. Let’s talk about [Will] Hurd. Hurd was a little low energy yesterday, wasn’t he?”

“He was low energy,” Kassam continued. “He was kind of even lower energy today.”

“I’m trying to be object here, I’m not trying to pick on the guy,” Bannon clarified. “The guy’s retiring, right? Probably not entirely happy about it. [He] seems like a good guy, I think he was a former intelligence officer, he’s a good man, he served his country. I have no problem with him, he’s decided to retire. But were those questions – how did you [Kassam] judge them yesterday?”

Kassam replied: “I don’t think there is actually anything wrong with Will Hurd as a human being, and I have only respect for anyone who faithfully serves their nation. But the only problem is Will Hurd isn’t faithfully serving the constituents that elected him right now.”

“He’s one of the guys – probably the only guy up there yesterday where I genuinely thought to myself: ‘What are you doing? What are you talking about? Shouldn’t you be taking a nap?'”

“Did he not say today,” Bannon asked, “on national TV, that…he’s not pushing for Hunter Biden [to testify]. He’s not pushing for the other six or eight people that should be up there that have been requested. Including the whistleblower, right?”

“In his defense,” Kassam corrected, “He is pushing for the whistleblower.”

“Perfect,” Bannon said.”Let’s give him a check mark for that. [But not] these other witnesses. [Instead] he’s pushing for the President’s personal lawyer to come and answer questions on national TV in front of this [committee]. I don’t get this.”