As the House votes on beginning formal impeachment proceedings, War Room: Impeachment co-host Raheem Kassam says the “Republicans in the House need to be on A-game messaging today.”

Host and former Chairman of the 2016 Trump campaign Stephen K. Bannon says how Democrats are “trying to foretell [President Trump’s] doom today.”

Kassam believes growing talk of the identity of the whistleblower is a large part of what forced Speaker Pelosi’s to call the vote. He also believes this should be a key part of House Republicans’ messaging: “The whistleblower’s name is now out there. If the name is correct, [he is] a very partisan figure…Republicans and the right need to be talking about today: hold on a second, we know the whistleblower.”

Impeachment will be the focus of “the whole nation starting today, all the way through the Christmas holidays and into the new year,” Bannon emphasizes. “This is one of those things where people will look back and remember where they were” when the vote occurred.

“People talk about democracy in darkness, this is a real example of that.”

Bannon noted how earlier today CNN “cut off right in the middle of this very powerful speech [on Democrat counterargument] , and goes to a junior democratic member who sits on the judiciary committee.”

Co-host Jason Miller says CNN “will tell you what to think.”