On Episode 50 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam analyzes a recent ruling from a federal judge requiring ex-White House counsel Don McGahn to testify in the House impeachment inquiry. Another noteworthy outcome of the case was the judge’s declaration: “Presidents are not kings.”

Kassam notes how “most people would accept the notion that the President of the United States is not a king and shouldn’t have imperialistic, kingly powers.”

However, that hasn’t stopped the establishment from possessing extensive power; it only seems to be an issue with President Trump. 

Kassam elaborates: “They didn’t care about that when Obama was in power, and they wouldn’t have cared about it if Hillary Clinton was in power. They were able to act as sovereigns, as monarchs, to take full power, to take full executive authority under their control, and there was no pushback.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon contends “This [ruling] will go to an appellate court and probably the Supreme Court.”