On Episode 27 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam highlights an important detail about Ambassador Taylor’s testimony which “undercuts” it entirely.

“Here’s where it really stretches credulity. Remember in the opening testimony from William Taylor on October 22nd he says by mid August “because security assistance had been held for over a month with no reason that I could discern, I was beginning to fear that the long standing US policy for Ukraine was shifting.”

Kassam continues with the questionable timeline: “That conversation in the restaurant that this person is supposed to have overheard took place on July 26th, yet by mid August, Taylor is still saying he could still not “discern” the reason.”

“So that means that his staff member, the political counselor in the embassy that reports directly to him had not relayed that. Not to him and not to anybody else that relayed it to Taylor either. And for this only to come about last Friday, and for Taylor now to mention it in today’s public testimony, I think that undercuts the whole thing.”

Kassam adds: “It won’t make sense to the American people. This person is in constant communication with his staff. He’s in constant communication with Ambassador Sondland, and only now on last Friday, this person stands up and says sorry boss, I forgot something that might be pertinent to the impeachment of a president.”

Guest Bill McGinley points to this discrepancy as “a pretty powerful line of questioning for Republicans as to why the delay in disclosing what he believes he heard.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds “Would you have even allowed that into evidence?”

McGinley finds the admission “backwards” since Republicans “haven’t had the chance to test his credibility. That’s the whole purpose for cross examination in these depositions.”