On Episode 41 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam breaks down a telling exchange between Dr. Fiona Hill and Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi where both allege a “whipping up of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about George Soros” intended to “target nonpartisan career officials.”

The excerpt is below:

Rep. Krishnamoorthi: You said specifically when I saw this happening to Ambassador Yovanovitch again I was furious because this is again this whipping up of what is frankly an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about George Soros to basically target nonpartisan career officials. Isn’t that what you said?

Dr. Hill: I did say that, yes.

Rep. Krishnamoorthi: And I’m sure you’ve been watching with concern what has been happening to other nonpartisan career officials. We had Lieutenant Colonel Alex Vindman an American immigrant questioned for his criticism of the president in a very unfair way, basically questioning his loyalty to the country. I believe that he is also of Ukrainian-Jewish descent. Would you say that these different theories, these conspiracy theories that have been targeting you spawned in part by folks like Mr. Stone as well as fueled by Rudy Giuliani and others basically have a tinge of anti-semitism to them at least?

Dr. Hill: Well certainly when they involve George Soros they do. I’d also like to point out that in the early 1900’s the Tsarist secret police produced something called The Protocol of the Elders of Zion which you can actually still obtain on the internet and you can actually sometimes buy it in bookshops in Russia and sometimes elsewhere. This is the longest running antisemitic trope we have in history, and the trope against Mr. Soros was also created for political purposes. This is the new Protocol of the Elders of Zion. I actually intended to write something about this before I was invited to come into the administration.

Kassam thoroughly debunks this so-called “new Protocol of the Elders of Zion”:

“Firstly, I thought it was her side, the Tsarists, that published the Protocol of Elders of Zion in 1903. She doesn’t know her history very well. You can’t be on both sides Fiona Hill. Dilettante. I’m going to call her from now on Fiona Hill the pseudo-intellectual. She’s going up there trying to sound like an intellectual.”

Kassam labeling her a “Tsarist” is a reference to a piece she wrote for the establishment Brookings Institution where she equates “Trump and the MAGA base” to “Bolsheviks”.

Kassam inquires: “Does that make her side the Tsarists?” He highlights it was actually “the Tsarists who in 1903 published and disseminated The Protocol of the Elders of Zion.”

He also points out Dr. Hill’s historical inaccuracies: she says “the Protocol of the Elders of Zion is the longest running antisemitic conspiracy theory. Has she never heard of the Blood Libel which stretches back to the Middle Ages? Again, a pseudo intellectual thing to say. She’s making it up on the spot.”

He also debunks her accusation that President Trump and his allies are anti-Semites: “She’s making an allegation that Rudy Giuliani, the mayor of New York City of all places, is part of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. Rudy Giuliani who has been a great and devout friend to the people of Israel.”

Kassam also emphasizes the lack of action the foreign policy establishment has taken in defense of Israel, a stark contrast from President Trump: “[Trump] has done more for the state of Israel, more for the Jewish people than all of these people who have made these promises for administrations on end, yes we’re going to move the embassy to Jerusalem, with his orthodox Jewish family.”

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