On Episode 39 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller break down Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony.

Kassam began: “The democrats going on the two plus two. The two, the military assistance withheld; and the other two, which was the President wanted these investigations to happen. And they put those things together, and you come up with what Gordon Sondland admits was his presumption. And Jim Jordan there said that’s not two plus two – that’s 0 for three, because none of them actually ended up transpiring.”

Bannon furthered: “This is the difference between his opening statement – which went almost for forty-five minutes – and then the Republicans having to fire back on him. So it was much better at the end of the day, but his intention was to, I think, throw everybody else under the bus and do enough of a standoff that you can imply that the President of the United States is thrown under the bus, too, without actually getting Trump’s ire up enough that he’d have a tweet bomb on him.”

“How could every headline on every website have this wrong?” Miller asked. “And I would say a little bit of what’s past is prologue. I mean take a look at Jim Comey, take a look at the Russia collusion.”

“You were there in 2016, election night – November 8th and 9th,” Bannon said. 

“It was over,” Miller explained. “Every single place where the media has choked and gotten this wrong; the never-Trumpers, where they have choked and gotten this wrong. This is another example today. The impeachment witch hunt, it’s going to drag on for a little bit longer, but this was their chance – it’s over.”

“You think this was their high water mark?” Bannon clarified.

“Yeah,” Miller confirmed. “This was absolutely the high water mark. Because they’re going to try to make Fiona Hill tomorrow, they will try to make David Holmes; they’ll try to make them come back and undercut some of this. But no one else with first hand knowledge of talking with the President – this was it.”

“Remember,” Kassam added, “they cleared the day in the middle of the week for this. This was the peak for them, they really thought this was the shot. And what it’s going to come down to – now again, I want to keep stressing this point – this is going to be about a Senate trial, right. An evidentiary.”